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Founded in 1993 by Eugene and Deborah Trotta, Smart Start Preschool is a comprehensive preschool program located in the heart of Fair Haven, New Jersey.  Our philosophy is based on a hands-on approach to learning where "DOING" becomes knowledge.  It is our commitment to provide a safe and caring environment for all of the children while stimulating growth and learning through a wide variety of activities.


Preschool Programs 


Smart Start Preschool offers flexible scheduling that will assist you in giving your child a wonderful preschool experience. Options vary depending on age and availability.  Each class incorporates age appropriate yet challenging activities which also include circle time, story time, snack time, and the rotation to different rooms such as physical fitness in our 1,500 sq. foot gym, art, computers, outdoor play, and music.


Transitional Kindergarten


Our transitional kindergarten is designed specifically for children who just need another year of growth before entering the public school system.  This program will enhance your child's creative learning ability, as well as to reinforce basic skills such as reading and mathematics.  Some highlights of our program are:  Reinforcement of letter, number, and reading skills. Hands-on learning centers including art, reading, and computers. Thematic units such as community awareness, community helpers, travel, animal life, etc.  Physical fitness program in our 1,500 sq. ft. indoor gym. Extracurricular events such as trips, gymnastics, dance instruction, and off-premises swimming lessons.


Homework Helpers


Conveniently run at the end of your child's school day, certified teachers can offer individualized attention.  Homework helpers are transported at no additional charge by our private school bus.  After a snack and some necessary down time from the school day, your child will be grouped with friends where they can cooperate with each other, under the supervision of a teacher, to accomplish their homework goals.


School Trips


Smart Start owns its own bus!  We coordinate our monthly trips with the thematic unit or the season.  Examples of some of the many exciting and fun trips we take are: Apple picking, Halloween Hayride, Kite Flying, Build Your Own Bear, Aquariums, and many more.

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