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"When you demand the best in early childhood education, along with outstanding customer service, look no further than Smart Start Preschool!"

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From the Parents 


We "graduated" from Smart Start last year after 3 daughters attended for a total of 9 years straight. Yet we still can't stop visiting! Smart Start was their home away from home and Gene & Debbie are their family. My girls developed a love of learning and had a loving and nurturing start to their school days. We are so lucky to have them as part of our community.

Christine Braceland



"It has been a pleasure to send my daughter to Smart Start Preschool for the second year in a row. The teachers are so loving, patient, and in tune with every child’s needs. Seeing how much she enjoys going to school each morning makes my day!  I am confident that she is building an excellent foundation for Kindergarten next year. Debbie and Gene are a great team and run an amazing school!"

The Batcha Family



It is such an honor and a tremendous blessing that our son Nicos was able to attend Kindergarten at Smart Start Preschool. He flourished in his academics and social skills due to the guidance from Directors, Gene and Debbie including Staff Members. Nicos has now developed key learning skills that will aid him to successfully reach his goals.

“Thank you for your continued friendship.” 

The Feldmann Family




"All three of my children have attended Smart Start and have loved it.  It is an intimate educational experience and they feel so comfortable, confident and at home when they are at school.  It is truly a great introduction to learning."

Liza S.




"Dorothy arrived at Smart Start as my very shy baby and you have helped her grow to a playful and energetic little girl.  I thank you both for making her first school experience such a positive one and I am so happy that Owen has the opportunity for the same."

Eileen Leahy




All 3 of my children have attended Smart Start over the years. We have been there from the 2/3 year olds all the way up to kindergarten enrichment. Smart Start has consistently offered a great balance between learning and play. And Gene and Debbie have always made us feel like they watch over each child at their school as if they were their own.  

The Maas Family 




"I loved the marriage of Q and U because we got cake for snacks and I loved going to Friday gymnastics."

James, Age 7




“All 3 of the Garvey children received a wonderful foundation at Smart Start.   While years have passed, as our oldest is already 14, the experiences that Smart Start provided remain part of what makes all 3 love learning.  Smart Start took everyday activities and enabled our children to get excited about learning.   Whether it was through the class projects or the trips throughout the year—each touch point was part of their overall development, and each child walked away with positive experiences that they have recalled for years.    To this day, they fondly recall the “Thanksgiving” celebrations, the “Hay rides” and the “Spring Concerts”.   Further, the friendships they formed remain strong and meaningful, as they give credit to Smart Start for giving them strong roots.”

Matthew Garvey – now 14,

Daniel Garvey – now 11,

Brianne Garvey – now 10




"Henry loves coming to school at Smart Start because of the friendly teachers and engaging activities. Gene and Debbie take the time to get to know their families and that time and consideration makes all of the difference! The teachers care about Henry and foster his love of learning." 

Susan Strauss




"Between both of our children we have been at Smart Start for 8 years.  We love the warm environment and personal care each of our children have received.  Debbie and Gene are always there when we need something and know our children are always cared for, safe and happy."  

The Hershey Family




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