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Being a parent isn’t easy and we respect what it takes to do the job well. We’re committed to working with and communicating openly with parents. Communication centers in each classroom and regular progress reports focus on what is happening every day with your child.

By combining our talents with yours, we’ll be empowering your child for success in a Smart Start classroom and well beyond.



"Early Intervention Services"

Speech and Occupational Therapy evaluations with licensed third-party therapists provided on site.  Follow up treatments available on site as well.


What do children do here?

We Learn!

We are instructed as a group, and teachers assist us kids individually while working on projects. Thus we develop manners, problem solving, and self-control!


We Read!

We have small reading clubs and story time. We look forward to have reading time especially when a teacher reads an amazing story to us!


We Create!

We create art and craft projects daily. Once complete, we are so proud to show off our finished art work in the classrooms and in the indoor gym - play area!  


We Eat!

We get healthy snacks provided for us each day and we get lunch at noon that we bring from home. We also look forward to the hot lunch options that can include pizza friday! 


We Play!

We enjoy playing inside this amazing indoor auditorium. This is where we can sing, dance and play! 


We Go Outside!

We get outside as often and as much as we can (weather permitting). We have the outdoor playground and a large park next to our school. 


We Have Fun!

We have so much fun learning and playing at Smart Start Preschool! 


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